Thank you for Story Soup. I learned how to write a perfect story. My favet part was when the guy kiss that skunk. It was funny. Thank you for the laughs. You are so nice and good. And you made me laugh so heard that my side hurt. Thank you so much.

Your best friend, Miguel

Dear Performers,

Thank you for coming to our school and teaching us how to make wonderful storys. I really enjoyed it. When I grow up I wanted to be an actress, but now I want to be an actress even more. Story Soup realy gave me an oprotunity to go for my dream. My favoret part was the puppets. I want to go home and see if my sister and I can do that with my parents.

Thanks from Meg

Thanks for performing for me. I thought it was really funny. I am very thankful and happy now.

Sencerly, Tyler

Thank you for the performance. It was funny and awsome. I wish I could watch it again. You teach us different words. And I might want to be an authour. Thank you. You guys are stars to me!

Your friend, Terra

Thank you for coming and teaching us how to write good stories. I liked when you improvised and said the silly sentences. I really like that you come. It was really funny. In my acting class we tried improvisation. Also, your acting was great.

Sincerely, Max



















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